Month Of March

27 Feb 2016

We have a birthday girl amongst us! This month we celebrate our fav E L James! Sadly, we can’t host a surprise party for her or gift her a white R8.

I did a little checking with the lovely people at Charity Miles to see if they could add No Kid Hungry, one of the charities Erika supports. As luck would have it No Kid Hungry is associated with Partnership For A Healtier America which are one of the donor options with Charity Miles.

For the month of March if you’d like to join in and donate your miles to Partnership For A Healtier America we can walk and donate to a good cause and celebrate Erika.

If you have not joined Charity Miles head on over to your App Store and download their app. It’s free and all you have to do is walk and their sponsors donate money for each mile you walk, run or bike. Yes! It’s free and easy, simple as that.

Happy Birthday Erika! May you have a wonder year and enjoy your journey.



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