Why – 

When I first saw one of those count down day counters as to when Fifty Shades Darker would be released I grumbled and thought “ohh, too soon!” Couldn’t wrap my head around it.

A few weeks ago I remembered the summer I challenged myself to walk / wog (walk and jog) 100 miles before the first dusting of snow. I did it! In the process I also lost some weight! Win/Win.. While I was on my walks I would always look for one thing during my walks, one thing that I would normally not notice. Raising the ordinary to extraordinary, if you will.. I took hundreds of pictures and loaded them into my Instagram. Each one was different and helped me log each day I walked, it’s like I was on a daily hunt to find something beautiful and I realized we are in a rush each day or we don’t take time to notice the small beautiful things.

Now combining my two thoughts here, I thought what if at the 500 day mark I start a new challenge? What if I walk 1 mile a day and pass the time that way? I wondered if any of my friends would join me. I asked a few, got some responses but I didn’t feel like anyone loved the idea as much as I did as I was mentally kicking it around in my head. When one of my friends asked me the other day if we were doing this I made the commitment to myself right then and there and jumped in with both feet and here we are today.  I can say I never thought it would include so many people, it was originally a selfish act and I wanted someone to join me and help push me along. It’s awesome to see how many people are excited and eager to do this. Thank you for joining me. Clearly it’s not about just me, it’s for all of us.

What – 

What we are going to do is simple. While we wait we will walk, jog, bike, run, swim and move ourselves. This I do know, it will be hard! There are days where you’re too busy and tired. There are days you just want to sit with the remote and watch Netflix. There are days when there are just not enough hours in the day. I also know this goal takes less than 30 minutes max and you can be sucked into the social media vortex and before you know it the day is gone. Do you have 30 minutes for yourself? Yes you do! Some of you are more advanced and can knock this out in less time. The bottom line is you can do it!

How – 

I’ve had several questions and this is the deal.. By the time the movie opens you need to have walked, jogged, run, etc… 500 miles, one for each day starting September 28th, 2015.  If you want to use an app and want to track your miles and success please do so. Some of you will go beyond the 500 miles and that is awesome! If you can’t do this every day and want to bank your miles for the week, do a little extra each day to have a day off that’s good too. Just make the 500 mile mark by the release of Fifty Shades Darker. While you’re standing there with your movie ticket in your hand at the theater waiting to take your seat you can think, I walked 500 miles for this moment right here, right now! It’s going to be a great feeling! It’s all up to you how you do it, just do it!

What Else –

Share what inspires you. Use the #500for50 hashtag, share what songs inspire you. Show us pictures from your walk. Find that one beautiful thing each day to share. Be sure to reward yourself, logging 100 miles is no easy chore. If someone compliments you and says you’re looking great, tell us!

This will be an ongoing process and we’ve got lots of ideas. Stay tuned, more to come!